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Curriculum Policy

Kawasaki International School's program is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old and includes a unique style of English language instruction that includes language arts, math, physical education, arts and crafts, practical science, and social science. We also have a "School Readiness Program" that is currently accepting children as young as 2 years old. In addition to our focus on English education, we also provide Japanese language instruction as an important part of their emotional education and encourage children to take pride in their own language and culture. We also provide a variety of other programs as summarized below to give your child a variety of intellectual experiences.

Reading Program

KIS reading program utilizes a highly motivating approach of online and offline reading activities, books and other relevant resources that keep learners actively engaged and responsible for their own learning.

Reading habit is indispensable in cultivating rich values by experiencing the different thoughts and imagination through vast knowledge of the world accumulated in books over the centuries of human existence. We, therefore, consider it important to create interest in reading.

Physical Education Program

There is a saying that “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. The body of little children is in early stages of physical development and therefore it is even more important that they develop a habit of exercising from the early stage. As a part of physical education curriculum, children are not only taken to nearby parks but also have periodic picnics for group activities. We also have swimming, karate, physical exercise and dance classes to aid the overall physical development.

Physical Education is a program taught in KIS that underlines on mounting physical fitness and the capacity to execute and appreciate day-to-day physical activities. Learners also develop and improve the important skills to engage in various activities designed by KIS team. Regular physical education sessions prepare students to be physically and mentally dynamic, fit, and healthy.

physical program
leading program

Swimming Program(2-6 years old)

As a part of physical education program, children go to indoor pool to nearby Tipness Sports club twice a month and have recreational swimming.

Current researches stress that water survival skills training and swimming lessons can help reduce risk of drowning among young children. It is also significant to note that swimming heightens a one’s balance, coordination and flexibility, which will benefit them navigate life on dry land too. There is no doubt that swimming helps in the overall body exercise and good physical growth, it is important to be acquainted with water sports from an early age since this is also considered a lifesaving skill that is important to have.

Music Program

Music education enhances and develops language skills among learners. It offers exposure to other languages, which builds a foundation for the student’s ability to understand, appreciate and communicate in a different language.

KIS music program nurtures the qualities of receptivity, creativity, expression, spontaneity, concentration, memory and cogitativeness by understanding the elements of music through the body by capturing the music and rhythm through the actions of “listening” “feeling through body” and “action”.

swimming program
music program

Guest speeches

KIS believes that exposure to different cultures enriches the mental strength of children. One of the best ways to learn and understand about different cultures is to actually interact with the person from that culture. In order to provide the children with opportunity to learn about other cultures, we invite guest speakers from different foreign countries and provide a platform for international cultural exchange.

ECV (Education in Core Human Values) Program

ECV program is a unique program of Kawasaki International School to develop strong character and nurture individuality. The program envisions to empower every student to discover and elevate themselves in the utilization of their greatest potentials. In this program, children learn how to deliver a speech, participate in music or drama programs, and speak about their craft object before a group of children. Through participation in ECV, children develop strong confidence in their talent and this would help them grow up as confident individuals. We emphasize on paying attention to student needs with care and love so that each child gets the share of attention that he/she deserves.

EVC program
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After School Program

afterschool program

KIS English Language Program

KIS English Language Program is a program which aims to develop non-native speakers to be globally competitive English language proficient.  As an international school, we help young learners across the world achieve their educational goals by mentoring them American English.

This program also envisions that the best way to learn English Language is through relevant experiences rather than learning from textbooks. Hence, KIS offers quality academic excellence through small class sizes which can underline the significance of English conversation in classes and appreciate cultural differences through English language.


KIS robotics program is excellently engaging platform for young learners, while providing them with real-world VEX robotics and outstanding programming education.

KIS uses explorative-based approach to the learners which result to a maximum engagement and concrete learning. Learning robotics, and participating in different robotics tournaments, KIS can effectively contribute the VEX competency and help students reinforce their 21st-century skills and abilities.

KIS Mathematics Program

The mathematics program at KIS aims to help students improve general skills and build up positive attitudes toward mathematics. In addition, this program sets forth the aims of mathematics which is to stimulate students’ interest in mathematics, helps students understand and acquire the basic mathematical concepts and helps students develop the ability to think, communicate and solve real-world problems.


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Kawasaki International School has teachers who can speak native level English and have relevant teaching experiences. These experiences include teaching with Japanese kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools. We also have native Japanese teachers who can mentor students in addition to English and have understanding of international culture. The teaching staff at KIS has the experience, teaching methodology and professionalism required to bring forth the latent talent in children. 

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